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Requirements Home Inspector RSH Engineer
Minimum Required Inspection Experience 12 months 4 Years
Conduct Structural (Frame) Inspections No Yes
Knowledge of Construction Not Required Yes
High Tech Testing Not Required Yes
International Building Code Knowledge Not Required Yes
Solutions Provided for Issues Found Rarely Yes
Continuing Education on Structural and Building Codes Not Required Yes
Expert Witness Experience Not Required Yes
Phase Inspections on New Home Construction Not Required Yes
Forensic Engineering – Use Scientific Method to Find the Origin and Cause of an Issue No Yes
Engineering Stamp/Seal and Signature No Yes
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At RSH Engineering, your satisfaction is our first priority. We do everything we can to provide the best service possible. We are proud to be a BBB Accredited Business and have an A+ rating

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RSH Engineering, Inc. is a Professional Engineering Company that specializes in home and building inspection services. Founded in December of 1994, by Mathew Joseph, P.E., the RSH Engineering has conducted over 6,000 residential and commercial inspections. We have the experience to help you.

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Utilization Works 80%

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Formal structured home inspections began to occur in the United States in the 1960’s, probably due to a growing consumer consciousness and self protective instinct. Industry growth has been fueled by numerous court rulings in recent years, that have given more protection to property buyers. In the old days, sellers were not required to disclose defects or problems with the property and the buyer had little recourse after the transaction was closed. The buyer was in a position of “buyer beware”. Nowadays however, buyers are more sophisticated, and those that order home inspections are in a position of “buyer be aware”, allowing them to know the condition of the property prior to consummating the sale.

Cedar shake shingles are a common roof covering material, highly valued for their rustic appearance. However, in some climates, shake shingles are less than an ideal material to use.

If you are planning to purchase a home with shake shingles, make sure to have it inspected by a professional to determine the remaining life expectancy. Also check with your insurance company to see if coverage is available and what the deductibles are.

Be aware that some neighborhoods have protective covenants, requiring shakes as the only approved roof covering material, forcing you to re-roof using a high priced material with limited life expectancy. Some Homeowner’s Associations are proceeding to amend their covenants to allow alternate materials, while others are standing firm on their restrictions. Check with your real estate agent to see if there are restrictions and if alternate materials are allowed.

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RSH engineering will be your number one choice of “home inspectors near me” once we are through with the pre-inspections and submit a sample home inspection report on preliminary inspections. You may be looking for a “residential structural engineer near me” or “house inspectors near me” or structural engineer for a home inspection for your new house inspection. We have diverse experience with conducting home audits and our detailed home inspection report will keep you in the clear with the structural integrity of your house.

For all your “home inspection near me” needs and searches for “home inspection companies near me”, do not choose any random inspection engineers offering low-cost home inspection. The professional opinion of a reputed home inspection company will save you time and long-term anxieties. Whether it is for Colorado home inspection, Houston home inspector, Denver home inspector or Dallas home inspector, we are one click away from a local home inspection booking. For all home inspection Texas, we are a reputed USA home inspection company. Our team is qualified for professional engineering in Texas with education in inspection engineering and all our inspector engineers offer complete home inspection. For Denver home inspections, Dallas home inspections, Dallas building inspections, home inspector Houston TX, home inspection Fort Worth TX, home inspector Frisco TX and private inspectors for the new house we send professional home inspectors. We even extend our service of home inspections Denver Colorado to provide certified home inspections that will answer your call for “affordable home inspectors near me”. 

Inspection companies near me should be done by certified home inspectors who can provide legitimate structural engineer reports that will be acceptable at all levels. You can look for “new home inspectors near me”, to get a bargain on structural engineer inspection cost, yet residential homes inspection requires experienced eyes. The best home inspectors know where to look and what to look for and give their assessment immediately. Home inspection engineers and structural engineering consultants of RHS Engineering work in cohorts to do an in-depth study of the building conditions, whether the building meets regulatory requirements and is suitable for the weather conditions of the location. The “best home inspectors near me” should assess these factors and any structural engineer in Fort Worth, structural engineer in Dallas Texas or home inspection Denver providers would know these conditions and requirements. We have special structural engineer residential for building inspections in Dallas TX and home structural engineer for independent houses who will conduct new home inspections for owners and home sales consultants.  We do Dallas inspections as local home inspection companies with a dedicated home inspector for Dallas and structural engineer for Dallas.

Our home inspection solutions Dallas TX begins with providing clients with the best home inspectors in Dallas.

Even if your search is only for home inspection Dallas, your result with our company will be something you would expect only from “best home inspection companies near me”. We are referred to by all our clients as “best inspectors near me” when someone asks them to recommend Dallas home inspectors or Dallas engineering companies. Wherever you may be in Texas, we are your “local home inspectors near me” as we respond with alacrity. Don’t go far looking for “best home inspectors in my area”, we are just a call away. Our engineers and inspectors will be at your doorstep with the best home inspection technologies and provide complete home audit reports that are comprehensive and meet all the local regulatory needs. Our approach to our work, communications and customer service are transparent and straightforward, which saves you time and gives you confidence in your house’s physical security.

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Functional and Sublime Designs Report
Commercial Inspections
Commercial Inspections
End-of-Builders Warranty Inspection
End-of-Home Owners Warranty Inspection
Final Walk-Through Inspection Report
Foundation Inspection & Analysis
New Home Consulting and Inspection
New Home Consulting and Inspection
New Home Consulting and Inspection
New Home Consulting and Inspection
Pre-Existing Home Inspection
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