End-of-Home Owners Warranty Inspection

This inspection should be performed before the end of the 10th year following the purchase of your home. Some warranties may have specific language on when the 10 year warranty starts (example, at closing or when the home was “completed” by the builder) so be sure to consult your contract and call us to schedule your inspection several months prior to the 10 year anniversary.

Drainage around the foundation: Overall site drainage; Surface drainage at foundation; Crawl space ventilation; Crawl space vapor barrier; Crawlspace moisture; Visual Inspection for evidence of past/seasonal infiltration.

Foundation: Perimeter foundation support walls/beams – check for cracking/settlement/lateral movement/material deterioration/efflorescence.

Foundation: Interior Foundation Support beams/Walls; Beam supports – tipping, buckling, damage; Bearing supports – settlement or heaving; material deterioration

Foundation: Non structural floor slab (crawlspace, garage, etc): Movement or cracking; material deterioration, etc.

Roof System: Rafter Frame/Trusses: Deflection, Cracking, Damage, Material Deterioration

Brick Veneer inspection: Cracking in mortar, bricks, etc.

Sample Reports

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End-of-Home Owners Warranty Report