End-of-Home Owners Warranty Inspection

This inspection should be performed before the end of the 10th year following the purchase of your home. Some warranties may have specific language on when the 10 year warranty starts (example, at closing or when the home was “completed” by the builder) so be sure to consult your contract and call us to schedule your inspection several months prior to the 10 year anniversary.

Drainage around the foundation: Overall site drainage; Surface drainage at foundation; Crawl space ventilation; Crawl space vapor barrier; Crawlspace moisture; Visual Inspection for evidence of past/seasonal infiltration.

Foundation: Perimeter foundation support walls/beams – check for cracking/settlement/lateral movement/material deterioration/efflorescence.

Foundation: Interior Foundation Support beams/Walls; Beam supports – tipping, buckling, damage; Bearing supports – settlement or heaving; material deterioration

Foundation: Non structural floor slab (crawlspace, garage, etc): Movement or cracking; material deterioration, etc.

Roof System: Rafter Frame/Trusses: Deflection, Cracking, Damage, Material Deterioration

Brick Veneer inspection: Cracking in mortar, bricks, etc.

Sample Reports

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End-of-Home Owners Warranty Report

If your home warranty is on the verge of expiring, then it is time to prep for new home warranty inspection which is a mandatory requirement. The end of warranty inspection is one of the most important inspection even when one is considering buying a new house because without the end of warranty inspection report, the builder’s responsibility is dissolved. The new home warranty inspection must be done before the end of the 10th year of your purchasing the house. Based on the contract, this inspection may have to be performed before the completion of 10 years, you can consult with your contractor and accordingly schedule the inspection.

Over the years we have found that every house has its own little secrets such as hairline crack in a pipe, or a worn belt on the clothes dryer or small cracks around the chimney. These secrets may go undetected for years before something goes worse and all the secrets come pouring out in a deluge in the form of short circuit, major leakages or seepages, or broken machines. To allay these fears, sellers of home warranty that will cover repairs of electrical appliances, plumbing, electrical systems, and HVAC. To ensure that the house is in working order it is important to conduct a home efficiency inspection which will cover –

  • electrical audit
  • structural forensics
  • pest inspection
  • structural foundation inspection

For home inspection Colorado and Houston home inspections, the local new home sales consultant relies on our home efficiency audit before making a price offer. We also do manufactured-home structural inspection for builders and buyers alike to spot anomalies and rectify them. we are well-versed with the requirements for new home warranty inspection for local companies and regulators.

Our end-of-home owners warranty inspection services includes inspecting-

  • Overall site drainage including the drainage around the foundation
  • Crawlspace ventilation, vapor barrier and moisture content
  • Visual inspection for seasonal infiltration
  • Perimeter foundation support walls and beams for cracking, settlement, lateral movement, efflorescence, or other signs of deterioration
  • Interior foundation support walls and beams for tipping, buckling or any signs of damage
  • Whether the load bearing walls and beams are showing signs of material deterioration
  • Non-structural floor slab such as crawlspace or garage for cracking, material deterioration or other signs of disrepair
  • Roof rafter frame and trusses for deflection, cracking, material deterioration and other wear and tear
  • Brick veneer for cracks in mortar and bricks

In a survey conducted around 2002, it was found that approximately 92% newly built houses had some structural problem that led to long term expenses for the new owners. Hence, property inspection by “roof inspection services near me”, that is, in the locality of the new house is advisable. They will know the builders and their past work, the recurring problems of the locality and the regulatory needs in the vicinity. New home warranty inspection is also done to conduct pest inspection for home purchase. If the beams have had termite infestation or if there are rodents under the house, or any similar infestations. You needn’t necessarily dial in for a “pest inspection companies near me” or “roof inspectors near me”, a new home warranty inspection company will check for all these problems when they come to do the house inspection.

When we are contacted for new home warranty inspection, we send in a certified home inspector who will spend around two hours checking every part of the house. They will recommend further assessment or repairs based on the final reports. We encourage clients to accompany the inspector during the inspection so that they can have all their queries resolved and get a better understanding of their house so that if there are any signs of disrepair or signs of mold growth or termite infestation they can spot it themselves.

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