Engineering Desk Review

Now performing Engineer Desk Reviews.

Who should get it?

We are living in challenging times. These times require creative ways to address a problem. We are already set-up and we are here to help you!

Need quick answers/consulting from a Professional Engineer regarding structural issues or storm damage claims. Engineering desk review is your answer!

This service is being provided to General contractors, Roofing contractors, Insurance adjusters, Property owners, Real Estate agents and Home buyers! This is a very quick and efficient way to get timely answers!

A TREC Inspection report may have pointed out potential structural issues?

Are you at an IMPASS #REGARDING your property damage claim(s)?

Request a Desk Review now and forward all documents to us. Our Engineers are ready and will provide you with a timely answer based on the information you provide to us!

There is a professional charge for residential as well as for commercial Engineer Desk Review(s).

This will save you time and help you to make a decision with-in your option period!

This will help your customers save money also since the Engineer does not charge you a site visit charge!

Call 972-523-5746 to get the fee details and timely answers to your Construction, Engineering and Structural issues.

Functional and Sublime Designs Report
Commercial Inspections
Commercial Inspections
End-of-Builders Warranty Inspection
End-of-Home Owners Warranty Inspection
Final Walk-Through Inspection Report
Foundation Inspection & Analysis
New Home Consulting and Inspection
New Home Consulting and Inspection
New Home Consulting and Inspection
New Home Consulting and Inspection
Pre-Existing Home Inspection
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