New Home Consulting and Inspection

At RSH Engineering, we provide unbiased reports that reference code violations against the most current International Residential Code (IRC) and National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) quality standards. While some builders rely on city code inspectors for quality assurance, they typically do not have the engineering background we do. Our team will dedicate enough time to your home to find issues that will affect the quality and safety of your home.

We work with your builder to find solid solutions for the issues we discover, strictly following building codes and quality standards to improve your home’s safety and energy efficiency. Our services include

  1. Site selection, builder’s model visit,
  2. Builder’s plan and material/appliance selection inspection,
  3. Pre-pour observation #1
    • Footing,
    • Plumbing,
  4. Pre-pour observation #2
    • Vapor-barrier,
    • Post-tension rods,
    • Structural engineer’s plan verification,
  5. Framing artistry observation,
  6. Plumbing/ac ductwork/electrical observation,
  7. Insulation coverage observation, and
  8. Final inspection,

Sample Reports

Download PDF Pre-pour #1

Download PDF Pre-pour #2

Download PDF Framing & Mechanical Inspection

Download PDF Final Walk-Through

This can be used as a final walk-through report covering all house aspects.

New home inspections are not always a regulatory requirement. While a code inspection is necessary for new construction, it does not delve deeply into the quality of the home. Hiring a professional home inspector for a recent construction inspection may cost additional. It assures that the house is up to code standards and constructed with quality materials and artistry that will last in the long run.

Local government inspections only ensure that minimum standards are met. We highly recommend a house inspection to ensure that your new house lives up to your idea of perfection. With a further house construction inspection, you can expect an inspection of the quality of artistry and a check for failure to follow the plans. This includes floor leveling, drainage problems, foundation strength, wiring, ductwork, sealing around vents, roof structure, and other essential details. Sometimes mistakes can be masked by construction workers if they appear elementary, or an inexperienced worker may have made mistakes that are not immediately apparent. A house construction inspection will reveal these problems. As part of our new home consulting services, we offer a third-party inspection to provide a fair report of the work done.

  • Conduct site/ building model visit
  • Review the builder’s plan, material, and application selection
  • Conduct pre-pour observation –
    • footing and plumbing
    • vapor barrier, post-tension rod
    • structural engineer’s plan verification
  • framing workmanship inspection
  • plumbing, HVAC, electrical work inspection
  • final new build house inspection

After our home structural inspection, we will provide you with a housing inspection report. We conduct two inspections during the construction of a new home – one during the construction phase and the other before hanging the drywall. Our inspector will examine the framing and electrical wiring during the first phase before the drywall covers it up.

City code inspectors may not always have a technical background. It increases the chances of them overlooking some technical aspects of the construction while strictly adhering to city code guidelines. By searching for an independent “new home inspector near me,” you can ensure that you receive a qualified structural engineer certified by either the American Society of Home Inspectors or the National Association of Home Inspectors. As an unbiased third party, our reports are technically sound and ensure that it follows the city codes.

At RSH Engineering, we follow the most current International Residential Code (IRC) and National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) quality standards. If we find any anomalies during the new building inspection, we work closely with the builder to find solutions and ensure the necessary fixes are made.

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