New Home Consulting and Inspection

Our unbiased reports reference code violations against the most current International Residential Code (IRC) and National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) quality standards. Some builders rely on city code inspectors for quality assurance. They typically do not have the engineering background that we do. Can they really dedicate enough time to your home to find issues that will affect the quality of your home?

We will work with your builder to find solid solutions for the issues we discover. Strictly following the building codes and quality standards will improve the safety and energy efficiency of your home.

  1. Site selection/Builder’s Model Visit
  2. Builder’s Plan/review material & Appliance Selection
  3. Pre-Pour Observation #1
    • Footing
    • Plumbing
  4. Pre-Pour Observation #2
    • Vapor-barrier
    • Post-tension Rods
    • Structural Engineer’s plan verification
  5. Framing Workmanship Observation
  6. Plumbing/AC Ductwork/Electrical Observation
  7. Insulation coverage Observationcliquez pour plus d’infos
  8. Final Inspection
    (can be used as a final walk-through report) covers all aspects of the house.

Sample Reports

Download PDFPre-pour #1

Download PDF Pre-pour #2

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Framing & Mechanical Inspection


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Final Walk-Through