Energy Audit


  • Is your house energy efficient?
  • Is your house thoroughly insulated, sealed, and vented at the right places?
  • Is your utility bill high?

Find out with an RSH ENGINEERING, INC. Energy Audit.

An energy audit is a thorough inspection of the house to determine areas that allow excessive heat losses. Recommendations to save $$$ provided.

The following is done when an energy audit is conducted:

Insulation is checked for at Ceilings, attic floors, walls, attic pull down doors, doors leading to garages.

  • Check the type and proper coverage of insulation used: batts or blankets, loose fill, or rigid board
  • Check for adequate attic ventilation via ridge vents, roof vents, soffit vents, attic fan, etc.
  • Check for insulation and air leaks of ducts and refrigerant line insulation.
  • Check for window seals that are broken and air leakage, etc.
  • Check for proper caulking and weather-stripping
  • Heating and air-conditioning (Check for temperature difference – inlet to outlet) and adequate return.
  • Check Filter, blower motor, coil, condenser unit, etc.

Energy audit is a regulatory need that involves an inspection the energy flow, energy conservation and overall energy usage of a building. a home energy audit is an assessment of the house energy use and how much energy your house uses and areas where it is losing energy. A home energy efficiency audit helps to identify problem areas and areas that require priority fixing to make the home energy efficient. The residential energy audit inspector will also point out any outdated or unapproved appliance or device around the house which may not meet regulatory standards or consumes higher amount of energy.

Getting a home energy audit is an environmentally conscious thing to do as it helps you make energy-saving home improvements. It also amounts to savings in energy bills.If you are planning renovations such as adding renewable energy systems at your house, then you must first contact a home energy company to do a home energy check. Professional home energy audit companies provide a thorough assessment of the house energy use by conducting room wise examination. Our energy audit services team will arrive with equipment such as infrared cameras, perfluorocarbon tracer gas, blower doors etc. Our energy audit consultants will help you understand –

  • Current energy efficiency of your house
  • If your house is thoroughly insulated and vented in the right places
  • Why your utility bills are high

The energy audit cost will cover a thorough inspection of the house to find areas where there is excessive energy consumption. As part of the house energy audit, we will,

  • Check insulation of ceilings, attic floors, walls, doors
  • Check the insulation coverage such as batts, blankets, loose fill, and rigid board
  • Check if attic has adequate ventilation through ridge vents, soffit vents, attic fan and roof vent.
  • Check for air leaks in ducts and refrigerant line insulation
  • Check window seals for cracks or air leakage
  • Check proper caulking and weather stripping
  • Heating and air conditioning inlet and outlet
  • Check the filter, blower motor, condenser unit and coil among other parts

Among our services for energy audit Texas are,

  • building energy audit
  • house audit
  • commercial property energy audit

You may be searching for “free energy audit near me” to get a quick assessment of your house energy consumption. However, these will not give you the concise picture, but an overall estimation based on your usage. If you are searching for “home energy audit near me” don’t look further an RSH Engineering. We will submit our complete energy audit report after evaluating the appliances, HVAC, and your usage. The home energy audit cost will be an investment if it allays your doubts on why you are getting these hefty energy bills.

The “energy audit companies near me” search will yield results of reputed home inspection companies who conduct house energy audit and commercial property energy audit. Whether your company is looking for clean energy alternatives as part of your CSR initiative or your school is looking for low energy consumption sources of power, there are multiple modern alternatives. Getting a building energy audit will also help in breaking down the overall energy consumption in your apartment building and find areas where cuts or improvements can be made to reduce maintenance charges.

Energy audits help in understanding your home’s complete energy use. A self-assessment can help you to zero on areas where energy consumption is higher, and you can accordingly look for alternate cost-effective and energy-efficient options. It will also help you explain to the certified energy auditor exactly what type of service you require based on the problem you are facing. It will also help the energy audit consultants give you a precise answer to your issues along with a detailed report on your overall house energy situation in the home energy report.

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