The roof of a house is constantly exposed to the elements and can suffer from various issues, like structural problems, mold growth, and damaged insulation. Due to its inaccessibility, regular roof inspections are crucial to catching any problems early on ensuring the roof can withstand seasonal changes. Our professional roof inspection services include a thorough check for leaks, wear and tear, organic growth, issues that can occur during shingle installation or other repairs, and any other structural or material problems. Specifically, during a roof inspection, we check for the following:

roof inspection services

  • Rus spots or cracked caulk
  • Cracked or worn rubber boots around vent pipes
  • Chimney caps
  • Moss or lichen growth that are signs of decay
  • Checking leakages in the attic to see any roof damages

Regular roof maintenance is crucial to keep it in good condition and avoid costly repairs in the future. Our company provides professional roof inspection services that include a thorough assessment of the roof’s condition, identification of potential hazards, and a concise report detailing the necessary repairs and estimated costs.

roof inspection

The roof is often the root of many building problems, therefore, regular commercial roofing inspection by certified professionals is recommended. While some damage may be visible like cracked tiles or leakages, internal injuries can cause major structural issues if left unchecked.

Our team of certified roof inspectors has over 25 years of experience spotting various types of damage, like sagging shingle lines, which may indicate rotting sheathing underneath. We pay close attention to the area around chimneys and vents, which require long-term, water-tight fitting with sturdy metal flashing to prevent seepage.

Ignoring roof maintenance can result in costly repairs and structural damage to the building. We suggest scheduling an annual roof inspection to assess potential hazards, rust, leaks, mold, or other risks. Trust our professionals to provide you with the best possible roof inspection services.

  • Roof inspection and repair
  • Pre-purchase and pre-sale roof inspection
  • General roof condition –
    • Drainage
    • Physical damage
    • Attic condition
    • Structural deformation
    • Debris on the roof
  • Ceiling condition
    • Water leakage
    • Cracks
  • Flat roof
    • Coating condition
    • Ponding
    • Cracks or blisters
  • Exterior wall surface
    • Staining
    • Surface deterioration
  • Roof features
    • Fascia
    • Flashing
    • Gutters and drains
    • Skylights
    • Chimneys and vents
    • Control zone access
    • Drains
  • Increasing life expectancy of the roof
  • Save the high cost of roof replacement
  • Protect assets from costly damage

We receive frequent requests for commercial roofing inspection in Houston and are well-known among commercial property owners in the district. Our team of professionally trained inspectors can handle all types of roofs, including metal, steel, concrete, or TPO. We use advanced equipment like drones to inspect tricky and hard-to-reach corners and high places. Commercial roof inspection costs are nominal, especially with a maintenance package. If you are searching for “roof inspection and repair near me,” we are present throughout Texas and can provide you with a same-day appointment for urgent inspections if needed.

We offer inspections as part of preventive roof maintenance measures that will be beneficial for your building in the following ways:

RSH Engineering provides the following types of roof inspection services –

  • Visual inspection for roof condition assessment, where we check the general condition of the roof at a glance
  • Detailed roof evaluation, where we do an extensive assessment of the roof components
  • Leak investigation for determining the source of any active leakages and moss growth
  • Natural disaster damage inspection to check the extent of damage to the roof after heavy rains, snowfall, hail or such weather conditions.

We provide complete roof inspection services, including damage assessment, photo documentation, repair recommendations, cost estimates, and audit reports. Our certified roof inspector’s report can be submitted to your insurance company for roof repair or replacement claims. As trusted roof repair contractors in Texas, we offer repair services for the damaged areas of your roof based on our comprehensive investigation. Contact us for any residential or commercial roof inspection and complete your assessment quickly and professionally.

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