Real-Time Consultancy

For a set engineering consulting fee, you can have a RSH Engineer address your concerns and review any documentation and photographs from your project to provide you a professional opinion regarding your concern/issue(s).  There is a minimum fee/charge and after the minimum it is  pro-rated.

Concerns/Issues can be in the following areas:

  • “Bad lumber used and whether I should not worry about it or get the builder/contractor to replace it?”
  • “Cracks in a newly poured slab. Should I hire an engineer to do a site-inspection to document the findings and to get the builder/contractor to fix it?”
  • “Review of builder documentation to find out if it has proper venting for the roof?”
  • “What is the building code requirements for proper drainage around the slab?
  • Provide consulting in any changes you want to make to your home design.
  • Don’t hesitate to call to discuss any issues related to your home construction or remodeling.

Call RSH Engineering, Inc. you will be pleasantly surprised at the depth of knowledge we posses in the area of Engineering, Construction and Building Codes

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Real time consultancy services offer home inspection that includes visual evaluation from roof to basement. A licensed home inspector will check the roofing, driveway, foundation, door, and window frames, electrical, plumbing and HVAC. They will look at the performance, stability, and condition of following –

  • Electrical outlet
  • Septic tank and pipe leak
  • Roof condition- tiles, shingles
  • Windows and doors alignment
  • Insulation
  • Foundation condition
  • Appliance function
  • Ventilation
  • Wiring
  • Circuit breakers condition
  • Fire and smoke detector alarms

Real time consultancy company conducting home inspection will check for –

  • Structural issues
  • Roof damages such as broken or bent shingles, cracked or missing tiles, or clogged gutters
  • Electrical system damage to wiring system, broken switchboards
  • Plumbing problems such as broken faucets, clogged pipes
  • Water damage such as leakage, seepage, water pooling
  • Insect or pest infestation
  • Woodwork examination for strength or termite damage, water damage
  • Examination of appliance, furnishing, fittings

RSH Engineering will provide real time consultancy services to examine, review and prepare documentation with photographs for the inspection report. During the inspection, the homeowner can accompany the certified inspector and get immediate feedback on obvious repairs. So, even before you receive the complete report you get a verbal estimate of how much repair work may be needed and what it may cost you.

We have also acted as Real time consultancy company for homeowners, real estate agents and sellers to for a second opinion. They approach us with documentation and photographs for our professional, unbiased opinion. These opinions may be sought before undertaking any major repair work such as replacing the roof or relaying parts of the roof, repair work for the foundation, demolition, or reconstruction of parts of the house, renovation or addition of any structure or home remodelling among others.

We have been in the business of residential, commercial, and industrial property inspection since over four decades. Hence, our real time consultancy services offer informed suggestion and expert opinions that stem from experience and qualification. Our certified home inspectors are qualified engineers with deep knowledge of construction, engineering and building codes. As Real time consultancy company we can give you guidance on what areas may require a greater deal of inspection and where you can expect some major repairs.

You can hire our real time consultancy services for pre listing house inspection or pre purchase house inspection to get an immediate appraisal of what are the potential repairs that the house may need. Home inspection is not the same as home valuation. Home inspection helps the owner to find any potential structural or mechanical defects of their property that may affect its valuation. It alerts the potential buyer if there are any hidden problems that may culminate in bigger problems in future. it helps the sellers understand the market value of their house and the specific costs they may incur in repairs for a bigger price. It also helps them make an informed decision on what repairs are necessary and what can be left. At the end, a comprehensive and transparent home inspection report by a certified inspector will be a strong leverage point for negotiations. It also attracts serious buyers who will close the deal faster.

The time to do a home inspection is when you observe signs of leakage, rotting of woods, problems on the roof such as broken or bent shingles or signs of wear and tear on different parts of the house. You can call for real time inspection for checking swimming pools and spas among other aspects of the house. Another area where the real time consultancy services is required is after a storm, cyclone, heavy rain, or snow fall when potential damage to the house may occur that are often not even visible. The benefit of real time consultancy services is that it is an area where you spend now to save later.

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Commercial Inspections
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