Real-Time Consultancy

RSH Engineering offers professional engineering consulting services for a fixed fee. Our team of expert engineers can review any documentation and photographs from your construction project to provide a professional opinion on your concerns or issues. The consulting fee is pro-rated after a minimum charge.

We can address concerns or issues in various areas, like:

  • Determining if rotten lumber was used and whether it requires replacement
  • Assessing cracks in a newly poured slab and recommending whether an engineer should conduct a site inspection for documentation and repairs
  • Reviewing builder documentation to ensure proper roof venting
  • Guiding building code requirements for good drainage around the slab
  • Consulting on any changes you want to make to your home design
  • Discussing any issues related to your home construction or remodeling

Call RSH Engineering, Inc. today to benefit from our extensive engineering, construction, and building codes knowledge.

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Real-Time Consultancy Services offers home inspection services, including a comprehensive visual evaluation from the roof to the basement. Our licensed home inspectors will thoroughly check the roofing, driveway, foundation, door and window frames, electrical systems, plumbing, and HVAC. They will carefully assess the performance, stability, and condition of the following:

  • Top of Form
  • Electrical outlet
  • Septic tank and pipe leak
  • Roof condition- tiles, shingles
  • Windows and doors alignment
  • Insulation
  • Foundation condition
  • Appliance function
  • Ventilation
  • Wiring
  • Circuit breakers condition
  • Fire and smoke detector alarms

A real-time consultancy company conducting home inspections will check for –

  • Structural issues
  • Roof damages like broken or bent shingles, cracked or missing tiles, or clogged gutters
  • Electrical system damage to the wiring system, broken switchboards
  • Plumbing problems like broken faucets, clogged pipes
  • Water damage, like leakage, seepage, water pooling
  • Insect or pest infestation
  • Woodwork examination for strength or termite damage, water damage
  • Examination of appliances, furnishing, fittings

RSH Engineering offers real-time consultancy services for property inspections. Our licensed home inspectors provide a comprehensive visual evaluation from the roof to the basement, checking the roofing, driveway, foundation, door and window frames, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. We assess each area’s performance, stability, and condition and prepare a detailed inspection report with photographs.

During the inspection, homeowners can accompany the certified inspector and receive immediate feedback on any necessary repairs. We verbally estimate the repair work required and its associated costs before you receive the complete report.

Also, we provide real-time consultancy services for homeowners, real estate agents, and sellers seeking a second opinion. We review their documentation and photographs and offer professional, unbiased opinions before undertaking significant repair work, like replacing or relaying the roof, foundation repair, demolition, reconstruction, renovation, or home remodeling.

As a company with over four decades of experience in residential, commercial, and industrial property inspection, our real-time consultancy services offer informed suggestions and expert opinions based on experience and qualification. Our certified home inspectors are qualified engineers with deep knowledge of construction, engineering, and building codes. We guide you on areas requiring a more in-depth inspection and identify where significant repairs may be necessary. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.

Our real-time consultancy services offer pre-listing and pre-purchase house inspections to provide immediate insight into potential repairs a house may need. A home inspection differs from a home valuation as it focuses on finding any possible structural or mechanical defects that could affect a property’s valuation. It alerts potential buyers of any hidden problems that may cause more significant issues in the future. For sellers, it helps them understand their house’s market value and the specific costs they may incur in repairs for a higher price.

Our certified inspectors provide a comprehensive and transparent report that can be a robust negotiating tool and attract serious buyers who will close deals faster. Home inspections are recommended when there are signs of leakage, rotting wood, broken or bent shingles on the roof, or wear and tear on different parts of the house. Our real-time consultancy services are needed after storms, cyclones, heavy rain, or snowfalls, as potential damage to the house may not be immediately visible. Our services are a wise investment as they help you save in the long run.

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Commercial Inspections
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