The drone technology has added a fascinating new aspect to building inspection technology. One may feel that because it is a new technology drone inspection cost would be steeper than regular inspection. Contrary to this belief, drone building inspection is in fact a cost-effective solution as it eliminates the need for carrying ladders and safety gears for reaching inaccessible places, especially on the roof. Since no heavy equipment is needed, fewer technicians will be needed, and fewer protocols must be followed to ensure safety.

We are among the early adopters of drone technology among the reputed drone inspection companies. We offer-

Using drones for inspections has added to the speed and efficiency of our services. The formerly inaccessible nooks and deeper problems that required prodding and disturbing the structure is now not required as automated drone inspection using the thermal imaging camera captures minutest data.

As drones are new technology, searching “drone inspections near me” may not relay great results or they may not be offered at a fair price. The suitable “drone inspection services near me” must be honest about the use to the technology and the extent to which it will aid the inspector in making the job easier for them. After all, the purpose of technology is to make our lives simpler, systems efficient and save us time and money. So, if you are thinking drone inspection business may be “pricey” or beyond your budget, it’s time for a rethink. With the use of drones, we get high-definition images and videos that enable us to do complete inspection in a single session. The drones are handled by our professional house inspectors, who have in the past, (before the drone technology arrived) done inspections in the traditional way. These inspectors know from experience where the issues are most likely to arise. The problems that occur to any building remain the same, what has changed with drone technology is that we are able to check these areas faster. Hence, drone inspection pricing will be at par with the traditional house inspection pricing. You can check the drone inspection pricing model of a few house inspection engineers and see that it covers all the inspection parameters. In the hands of our trained inspection engineers, inspection drone price that we charge will be acceptable to you because our service is coveted by all our clients and they always give us positive recommendations.

There are many ways in which we use drones for property inspection since it offers the convenience of a quick perfunctory glance, even of places such as in the wall or under the shingle roof. It helps us give the client a real time assessment as we quickly map out the problem areas that may require deeper inspection and advise them on repairs. One may have the best drone for building inspection; however, the real skill of a home inspector lies in knowing what to look for and where to look for. That’s where the expertise and experience of RHS engineering comes in. We not only use drone technology but also our honed techniques to ensure a thorough inspection is done. Whether it is for a newly constructed homeowner, an interested buyer for a commercial property or for the audit of an old structure, we conduct drone structure inspection for all requirements.

For us it is not only about using technology, but how technology can make our jobs easier and more efficient and help us give our clients the best service. Contact us to know more about our drone building inspection services.

Drone Home and Building Inspection Services

RSH Engineering has always been a pioneer when it comes to using cutting-edge methods for its home and building inspection services. To that end, we have introduced a new service vertical in our ever-expanding home and building inspection service offerings – Drone Inspections. We can now include drone footage in our home and building inspection services, for both residential and commercial properties.

Drone Roof Inspections

We can use drones to inspect the roof of any property in a more efficient and safe manner. Our inspectors needn’t use ladders or risk falling when inspecting the roofs. The use of drones enables them to inspect each and every component of the roof in a more potent manner. We can also showcase the drone footage to you and pinpoint the problems existing in the structures. It helps us feel relieved that we can not only provide the details to our clients but do this without putting you in any harm’s way.

We can also use drones to inspect other aerial structures or hard-to-reach areas in and around a property.

Why opt for Drone Inspections?

Use of drones allows us complete the inspection work in a more time-efficient manner. It relieves us from tasks such as setting up and fixing ladders and organizing safety equipment for our inspectors. Inspecting the roof from all sides on foot can take time too.

Use of drones also enables more accuracy in assessing hard-to-inspect structures such as roofs.

Drone inspections are ideal for collecting visual data quickly and effectively. Our inspectors can assess the health of roofs from every angle. If roof damage is present, we can know about it instantly and include it in our inspection reports.

Drone inspections also offer cost benefits. First, it is quite economical considering the use of advance technology in the equipment. Second, when the initial inspection is thorough with the use of drones no less; you will not need to opt for multiple inspections simply because the first few general inspections didn’t really provide any useful information. Drone inspections can reveal potential problems in any property’s roof and other aerial structures. It can save homebuyers from investing in less-than-ideal properties; saving them money. Such thorough inspections can help sellers fix the problems before putting their properties on the market.

RSH Engineering Drone Inspections – Better than the Rest

We are well-known for working with engineer inspectors for our inspection jobs. Our expert engineers are better suited to handle drones when compared with inspectors without any engineering knowledge. Handling drones requires training and precision. Our engineer inspectors can not only handle this task with ease and efficiency but also explain the details to you in simplified manner.

Drone Inspections in Dallas, Texas

We can include drone inspections with all our home and building inspection services as per your request. Contact us today to know more about our drone inspections. We are happy to walk you through the drone inspection process, provide you with quotes, and answer your queries about any of our home and building inspection services.

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