Vehicle Accident Investigation & Inspections

RSH Engineering offers vehicle accident investigation to assess the extent of damage and amount required for repair and reconstruction. It has been reported that around 60 people crash buildings or houses across the USA annually. These accidents happen mostly because of hitting the gas in error. Mostly these accidents may cause little damage to a building that will require minor repair work. However, in some cases, the vehicle may have hit a sensitive part of the building or caused some deep structural damage that will lead to major repairs and expenses. It is better to get a certified home or building inspector to come and check the damage and assess the required repairs.

Mostly, people are unaware of how to proceed in such cases. For instance, is there insurance cover for such damages? Will the driver’s auto insurance company pay for the damage or does the homeowner’s policy apply?

RSH Engineering Structural Inspectors and Home Inspectors at your service

If such a situation arises, call for the assistance of RSH Engineers. Our home inspectors are licensed professionals well-versed with the regulations in these matters for the state of Texas. Our team comprises highly trained engineers and as a company, we have been offering home inspections services for nearly two decades.

For vehicle accident investigation, once our team is contacted, our home inspector will arrive at the spot and conduct a cursory inspection before interviewing with the property owner and the general contractor. After the interview, RSH Engineering’s inspector will conduct a thorough inspection of the damages to the exterior veneer, structural frame, roof, HVAC, plumbing, insulation, and electricals among other things. they will document their findings and add details of any collateral damages inflicted by the vehicle that would impact the structure.

Depending on the extent of damage, repair or reconstruction will be recommended as per the latest building codes of the city where the property is located.  Sealed inspection documentation is submitted that can be used for placing claims, applying for city permits, or in case of litigation, submitted to the court. Additional documentation covering the method of repair is included which will have details of shoring methods to secure the structure during reconstruction.

Raising a claim

In such accident cases, the party at fault for the accident is liable for any damage caused by the accident. So, the driver of the vehicle will be responsible for paying for any property damage they cause. Auto policies have a property damage clause and cover the repair costs as per the limit set by the policy.

If the driver’s policy does not cover the entire damage costs, then the surplus amount will be covered by the homeowner’s insurance. Most standard homeowner’s policies protect owners from damage to their property and connected structures. The homeowner’s policy also covers the property if the driver who damaged the property doesn’t have insurance cover. If the damage has been done by the property owner’s vehicle, then the repair and reconstruction claims can be made from one’s auto insurance or homeowner’s insurance.

RSH Engineering can assist you with placing claims and guide you through the entire process. Our home inspection reports are complete and thorough because our licensed inspectors are well-versed in their knowledge of the city’s property regulations.

RSH Engineering has a complete team of highly qualified and experienced structural engineers. Besides home inspection, we also provide services for home repair and reconstruction. Our customer base includes residential and commercial property owners, buyers, and sellers. We are well-versed with the various requirements of different types of properties and provide apt services, information, and guidance that adhere to the local rules and regulations.

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