Pre-Listing Home Inspection

If you plan to sell your home, opting for a “Pre-Listing Home Inspection” by RSH Engineering, Inc. is an intelligent decision. Here are some reasons why:

  • Reduces stress: By being proactive and inspecting your home before selling, you can avoid any surprises during negotiations.
  • Helps in pricing: A pre-listing inspection lets you price your home correctly based on any repairs or issues.
  • Speeds up sale: It can speed up the sale of your home as you’ll already have a detailed report of the home’s condition to show prospective buyers.
  • Guides in repairs: A pre-listing inspection report can guide you in making necessary repairs or improvements before listing your home for sale.
  • Minimizes re-negotiations: By addressing any issues upfront, you can minimize or eliminate the chances of re-negotiations.
  • Increases buyer’s confidence: By proactively disclosing the inspection report and repairing any issues found, you increase the buyer’s confidence and trust in you.
  • Eases agent’s job: A pre-listing inspection makes the job of your real estate agent easier.
House Inspection Engineer

While pre-listing home inspection is not mandatory, many sellers opt for it to avoid surprises during negotiations. The cost of a pre-listing inspection largely depends on the size, location, age, and condition of the house.

The inspection report provided by the home inspector is invaluable in making repairs and improvements before listing the house for sale. The pre-listing inspection checklist includes a

  • Primary systems inspection of the roof structure and covering,
  • Foundation,
  • Basement,
  • Crawlspace,
  • HVAC,
  • Electrical system, and
  • Plumbing system.

Their recommendations will mainly include –

  • Replacing bathroom caulk
  • Cleaning gutters
  • Restoring leaky faucets
  • Tightening doorknobs
  • Replacing damaged screens and windowpanes
  • Replacing broken fixtures
  • Secure loose railings
  • Check safety measure equipment like smoke detectors, outdoor lighting, circuit breakers, etc.


The acquirers shall appreciate the diligent undertaking of the preliminary abode examination and be predisposed to more advantageous negotiations as your dwelling will emanate more charm, and the standard safety measures will be in place. It simplifies the task of the realty agents in soliciting offers, as the domicile will sell itself.


More considerable motivation for a pre-listing inspection

There are several compelling reasons for conducting a pre-listing home inspection in today’s competitive buyers’ market.

  • Investing a little extra is wise to avoid losing a potential buyer over a minor issue that one could quickly address. Whether it’s a plumbing, roofing, electrical, or foundation issue, the presence of termites or other pests, mold or water damage, window or door problems, or simply an unsightly paint job, any red flags raised during a pre-listing inspection can be resolved before the house goes up for sale.
  • Another reason to conduct a pre-listing inspection is to secure a better price for your well-maintained and well-kept home. By avoiding the risk of accepting an offer from a buyer who may back out after a pre-purchase inspection reveals hidden issues, you can ensure you get the best price possible for your property.
  • If a problem cannot be fixed within the timeline set by the buyer, they may end up canceling the contract. This can be detrimental to the property’s history with real estate agents and could result in you having to answer potential buyers’ questions or settle for a lower price.
  • Conducting a pre-listing inspection can expedite the sales closure process. A buyer may waive their pre-purchase inspection based on the seller’s inspection report, resulting in a faster and smoother sale.
  • A pre-listing home inspection report can promote the property by highlighting the positive points mentioned in the report. This can help to attract serious and motivated buyers who are more likely to close the sale quickly and efficiently.


If you have decided to sell your property, you must take the necessary steps to contact pre-listing home inspection services. By doing so, you can access a comprehensive pre-listing home inspection report, enabling you to decide what repairs you should invest in and what you can leave as is without significantly affecting your asking price.

The pre-listing inspection report is valuable for negotiating with potential buyers when countering their pre-purchase inspection reports. At RSH Engineering, we specialize in providing pre-listening home inspection services to sellers looking for a quick and hassle-free sale. We are well-known in the real estate industry, and our certified home inspectors are recognized for their strong technical background and expertise.

We take pride in offering precise advice on the necessary repairs you should undertake, and we provide a comprehensive engineer’s report that buyers and real estate agents widely accept. Contact us today to schedule a pre-listing home inspection. Take the first step toward a successful and stress-free home sale.

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