Pool & Spa Inspections

POOL/SPA INSPECTION  (performed by an affiliate certified inspector)(Includes a structural inspection by the engineer when the General Inspection is also ordered at the same time)


Filter, Backwash valve, Sight Glass, Separation Tank, Backwash Entry, Filter Pump, Waterfall pump, Heater, Auto cleaner, Auto Cleaner pump, Spa blower, Spa light, Pool lights, Light GFCI, Time clock(s), Freeze sensor, Auto fill, Above ground plumbing, Electric valves, manual valves, electric wiring @ equipment, gas branch line, electrical bond ground


Tile line, interior finish, Pool structure, Spa structure, pool returns/inlets, spa jets, skimmers, drain covers, pool perimeter, water features


Diving board, slide, diving end exit, decking surface, expansion joints, mastic joints, yard fence, yard gates.