Pool & Spa Inspections

A Pool/Spa Inspection is an essential part of a home inspection. It includes a comprehensive examination of the equipment used in the pool and spa. An affiliate-certified inspector performs this inspection. It consists of a structural inspection by the engineer when the General Inspection is ordered simultaneously.


The inspection covers various aspects of the equipment used in the pool and spa, including.

  • Filter,
  • Backwash valve,
  • Sight glass,
  • Separation tank,
  • Backwash entry,
  • Filter pump,
  • Waterfall pump,
  • Heater,
  • Auto cleaner,
  • Aauto cleaner pump,
  • Spa blower,
  • Spa light,
  • Pool lights,
  • Light GFCI,
  • Time clock(s),
  • Freeze sensor,
  • Auto-fill,
  • Above-ground plumbing,
  • Electric valves,
  • Manual valves,
  • Electric wiring,
  • A gas branch line, and
  • Electrical bond ground.


The structure of a pool and spa includes

  • Tile line,
  • Interior finish,
  • Pool and spa structure,
  • Pool returns/inlets,
  • Spa jets,
  • Skimmers,
  • Drain covers,
  • Pool perimeter, and
  • Water features.


The deck surrounding the pool may include

  • Diving board,
  • Slide,
  • Diving end exit,
  • Decking surface,
  • Expansion joints,
  • Mastic joints,
  • Yard fences, and
  • Yard gates.
pool inspection services

Residential pool and spa inspections are crucial for ensuring the safety and maintenance of these areas. These inspections involve a non-invasive visual examination of accessible parts of the pool and spa by a certified inspector, who will look for any defects in the systems or components and ensure that they are made with standard materials and follow safety and regulatory standards. An annual inspection by a certified expert can help identify and address issues, preventing enormous repair costs in the future. Regular pool inspections can offset any problems arising from ignoring minor matters.

What are pool and spa inspections?

When we provide spa and swimming pool inspection services, our affiliate-certified inspector and structural inspection engineer will visually inspect the pool and spa. They will examine the pool equipment, electrical supply to the spa and pool, and safety issues. After this, they will conduct a mechanical inspection to check if the equipment is running correctly. The spa and swimming pool inspection services will include checking for various things to ensure the safety and proper functioning of the pool and spa.

  • During the spa and swimming pool inspection, our affiliate certified inspector and structural inspection engineer will conduct visual assessments of the pool equipment, including the filter, separation tank, backwash entry, filter pump, waterfall pump, heater, auto cleaner pump, spa blower, spa light, pool lights, freeze sensor, auto-fill, above ground plumbing, electric valves, manual valves, gas branch line, and electrical bond ground.
  • They will assess the pool structure, including the tile line, interior finish, pool structure, spa structure, pool inlets, spa jets, skimmers, drain covers, and pool perimeter.
  • They will assess the deck, including the diving board, slide, and decking surface.

If you’re searching for “pool inspection companies near me,” you’ll find pool inspection services provided by certified pool inspectors knowledgeable about areas requiring special attention. If you’re buying a new house in the area, getting an independent pre-purchase pool inspection is essential to ensure the swimming pool looks good and functions properly. They will conduct pool leak inspections to plumb and inspect the electric supply, tiling, and deck conditions to avoid unexpected repair costs.

To be more specific in your search, look for “certified pool inspector near me” instead of “pool inspectors near me,” as most home inspection companies may not have a certified pool inspector with the specialized knowledge required for pool and spa inspections.

Why do I need pool and spa inspections?

Getting a swimming pool inspection and certification is crucial for insurance claims and property sales. Pools and spas can add value to a house, but significant repair work can be expensive if left unchecked. Regular maintenance and inspections, like certified pool leak or pool fence inspection, can help keep your pool and spa in good condition.

If you are buying a new home with a pool, investing in a swimming pool inspection is essential to understand what you are getting. When searching for a new house with a pool, look for “swimming pool inspectors near me” in that area to ensure that the pool meets all the local regulatory codes. Pool inspection companies can help determine if any necessary repairs are minor or if there are significant problems that could lead to even larger issues.

Since the pool and spa are significant attractions and selling points, even sellers should consider getting approval from a certified pool inspector to negotiate the sale. The pool fence inspection cost is worth it to ensure even the most minor details are taken care of, which can validate the price buyers are willing to pay and assure them of their purchase.

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