Paper to CAD Conversion Services

With our premier Paper to CAD Conversion Services, convert your architectural, engineering, and construction drawings from paper to digital format. At RSH Engineering, we realize the importance of accuracy and every detail for your CAD drawings. Our services are tailored to boost productivity, eliminate physical storage and protect your files from damage, while retaining intricate details of your sketches intact.


Why a Paper to CAD conversion?

In this modern world, where digital is the standard, CAD format is a necessity for your drawings. The process of paper to CAD conversion not only guarantees the safety of your designs from physical damages but it also makes it easy for editing and sharing.
1. High Accuracy: The accuracy and correctness of all lines and measurements from your paper drawings are ensured by our proficient drafters.
2. Enhanced Collaboration: Digital CAD files will be sent to your team, clients and stakeholders at any given time to improve communication.
3. Cost-Effective Storage: Farewell to cumbersome cabinets and the chance of mislaying important papers. Files in digital format are cheaper and easier to keep and manage.
4. Quick Turnaround: We ensure that our effective process guarantees the rapid delivery of your CAD files conversion, thus keeping your projects on schedule.
5. Scalability: Digital CAD files, with no quality loss, can be easily scaled for multiple purposes.
6. Integration: CAD files can be integrated with other digital tools and software to improve the whole process of design and construction.
7. Revisions Tracking: Tracking revisions and changes is simplified with digital files which provide a clear history of development of the project.
8. Disaster Recovery: Digital files can be duplicated and stored in the cloud, which helps in case there is a physical disaster.

Our paper to CAD Conversion Process

We employ a streamlined process to convert your paper documents into high-quality CAD files:
1. Initial Assessment:We analyze your paper drawings to grasp the exact features and complexities of the project.
2. Scanning and Digitization:By applying the best scanning technology we convert your paper drawings into raster format.
3. Manual Tracing: We have our CAD experts who use the manual tracing technique to make precise vector CAD drawings of the raster images.
4. Quality Check: Every CAD file undergoes a thorough quality check to make sure it meets our high standards and caters to your needs.
5. Final Delivery: We provide you with a CAD file in your required format, ready to be used in your projects.

Personalized Solutions for Different Needs

Whether your drawings include architectural blueprints, engineering schematics, or construction site plans, we have the Paper to CAD conversion services that are customized for different project types, including:

  • Floor plans
  • Elevation drawings
  • Sectional views
  • Site plans
  • And more…

Get Started Our Paper to CAD Conversion Services Today

Need to digitize your projects? Contact us at RSH Engineering for Impeccable results. Our CAD conversion services will take your digital potential to new heights.

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