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We Always Build Smart Construction

RSH Engineering has been working for nearly three decades in Texas with various commercial and residential construction projects. We are very well-versed with the regional codes, seasonal needs, and all other technical aspects of construction. We work closely with a team of architects and designers to create sturdy homes that are aesthetically pleasing.

We meld your vision of your abode with our construction skills to present you with a home in which you can grow with your family and build memories.

Below some of our core services in construction are –
new home consulting
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Beam Design

Beams are important for load-bearing and for providing a stable load path from the slab to the foundations of the building. It is among the most critical aspects of construction, and we have a specialist team of highly qualified and experienced structural engineers. Our team understands the science behind beam dimensioning and will check the loads that act on the beam, measure the forces and stresses on it and accordingly choose the material, size, and shape of the beam. As part of our engineering consultation, we offer –

  • Structural design of beams in new buildings
  • Reconstruction of existing beams
  • Reinforcement of existing beams



For any type of construction framing requirements, we have a group of expert carpenters who can handle every type of design. We use the best quality wood that is suited for Texas weather conditions and build entire floor systems, walls, and roof systems. When the frame is strong, then the structure gets strength and with our fine work, the wood will remain unaffected by moisture, mold, or other insets for long years, with regular maintenance. Our framing work will blend elegantly with modern and classic interiors. We offer –

  • Premium timber for framing works for its high flexibility, strength, and durability.
  • Skeleton frames with steel for skyscrapers and other tall buildings
Wood construction framing
wooden framing House
Massive structural damage
House Damage in Strom


Storm Damage Restoration

Storms are a routine occurrence in Texas, and we are prepared to tackle any form of storm damage restoration for residential and commercial structures. We are recognized in the area for our deep knowledge of storm damage and restoration and prompt service in such situations. You may be assured of quality service and fair prices in any circumstance with us. We offer repair and restoration service for –

  • Massive structural damage due to high winds, hailstorms, or tornados
  • Flood-related damage to drywall and carpet
  • Damage to roof, windows, and siding
  • Deeper structural damage to the basement and foundation


Flood Damage Restoration

If your home or place of business is in a flood-prone area, you must save our contact details for emergency inspection, repair, and restoration services. As soon as the water has receded, we step in to clear out every drop of moisture to ensure the health and safety of the property and its residents.

We have been providing our services for many years and we can help you with the insurance claim filing process to ensure the restoration costs are covered. We do Complete rebuilding or restoration, and our services include –

  • Meticulous flood cleanup and damage identification
  • Removal of wet carpet, baseboards, walls, ceilings
  • House inspection and checking basement for damages
Flood Damage
Flood Damage repair
Home Structure design
Certified Services


City Permitting Services

RSH Engineering can provide the design & documentation required for city permits.

  • Massive structural damage due to high winds, hailstorms, or tornados
  • Flood-related damage to drywall and carpet
  • Damage to roof, windows, and siding
  • Deeper structural damage to the basement and foundation

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