Forensic Engineering

RSH Engineers are trained to provide forensic engineering services related to damages caused by storms like tornadoes, hail, wind, hurricanes, floods, and more. Our engineers can investigate and determine the origin and cause of the damage. They assist with insurance claims by performing on-site inspections and providing comprehensive engineering reports.

Forensic engineering involves the application of engineering principles to investigate performance problems and structural failures. Forensic engineering firms send in forensic structural engineers to evaluate whether faulty parts, every day wear, and tear, or intentional damage caused the loss. We conduct multiple tests to re-enact events, recreate the failure, and generate a comprehensive report for insurance claims.

Our team of forensic structural engineers and civil engineers investigate the causes of damage, like roof damage due to heavy snowfall, wall collapse due to heavy rain or a collapsed tree, or electric circuit damage due to tornados or cyclones. They check why the injury occurred, like whether the roof could not bear the weight from the snow.

Was there leakage or seepage in the interior or exterior part of the walls?

Was the hardware rusted?

Had the owner overlooked regulations?

Homeowners and insurance companies frequently engage our forensic engineering consultants to conduct on-site damages investigations and provide technical reports prepared by qualified forensic engineers. During the investigation, our consultants will examine the structure, components, and materials that have experienced failure. They will thoroughly inspect the property and:

  • Conduct inspections
  • Take measurements
  • Collect evidence
  • Conduct experiments
  • Development models
  • And get exemplary material

As part of our forensic engineering services, our forensic engineer will check if it follows all the codes and standards. They will determine if the cause for damage occurred during construction or due to wear and tear. They will study:

  • The structural failure
  • Origin and causes of failure
  • Compared with similar past failures
  • And the standard of care taken

At RSH Engineers, we provide forensic engineering services for various issues, including construction defects, structural failures, damage caused by natural disasters like tornadoes, hail, storms, and cyclones, damage caused by fires, and more. Our forensic engineers and specialists utilize scientific and engineering principles to gather evidence and conduct analysis to determine the cause of structural failures. We work with various clients, including commercial property owners, homeowners, tenants, real estate developers, agents, insurance companies, etc.

  • Reconstruction
  • Property condition assessment
  • Structural defects and failure
  • Architectural design investigation
  • Product safety and failure
  • Building system investigation
  • Building code compliance
  • Wind, water, and corrosion damage
  • Fire cause and origin
  • Prescribing scope for immediate structural safety measures
  • Preparing engineering report
  • Preparation of engineering drawings for repairs and reconstruction
  • Building envelope assessment
  • Building permit application review
  • HVAC design investigation
  • General field review during construction
  • Septic systems design evaluation
  • Property survey and grading plans
  • Assessing the scope for structural repair
  • Roof inspection after storm damage

Our forensic engineering team has extensive experience analyzing steel, concrete, wood, masonry, and aluminum structures. They are skilled in determining the cause of failure, assessing related damage, recommending emergency safety measures, and estimating repair costs. We provide reliable and evidence-based solutions and can offer support for insurance claims and legal proceedings. Our team has successfully assisted in resolving insurance claims for industrial, commercial, and residential constructions, including claims related to fire, explosion, construction ground vibration, wind, snow, rain, tree impact, lightning strikes, construction defects, foundation issues, and structural collapse.

We prioritize rapid response from our forensic engineering team, as early investigations can yield more evidence and facilitate a more accurate description of the problem. This allows us to submit our investigation report more quickly.

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