Foundation Inspection & Analysis w/ level survey and Re-inspection Services

When it comes to your home’s foundation, it is essential to ensure that it is solid and stable. A structural engineer can help by inspecting, measuring, and evaluating the foundation and any affecting structures, including drainage. They will use calibrated tools such as a Zip Level and Self-leveling laser level to take level measurements and provide a foundation repair plan. These inspections can be done before or after foundation repair and during the Work-In-Progress stages.

Foundation inspections are crucial because the foundation forms the basis for the entire house. 1/3rd of all home buyer’s claims are related to structural issues. Therefore, you should view foundation inspection cost as an investment rather than an expense, as it ensures the future stability of your home.

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Foundation Inspection & Analysis w/level survey and Re-inspection Services

Foundation Inspection by Qualified Inspector

In Texas, certified structural engineers conduct foundation inspections during the building’s construction process or when adding onto an existing structure. Pre-pour foundation inspection aims to identify any issues before laying the carpet, as one may not determine them until the removal of the carpet. During a house foundation inspection, the licensed inspector will take level measurements using calibrated tools to analyze and provide insights on the sturdiness and levelness of the property’s foundation. Any potential risks will be present in a report along with a foundation repair plan you can present to city officials to permit foundation repair.

During routine home inspections, if we notice foundation cracks, we recommend probing as these may be signs of deeper problems that could affect the house’s structural integrity. At RSH Engineering, we offer foundation inspection and home repair and reconstruction services to ensure the safety and stability of your home.

Why would you need a foundation inspection service?

A strong foundation is crucial for your house’s stability and structural integrity. It’s not uncommon for 1/3rd of all home buyer’s claims to be related to issues with the foundation. Therefore, you should not consider the cost of a foundation inspection an expense but rather an investment in the future stability of your home.

In Texas, a structural engineer conducts foundation inspections during the building process or when adding to an existing structure. The inspector will evaluate the foundation slab, pier, and beam to determine their impact on the system. Pre-pour foundation inspections identify issues that may arise after laying the carpet. During house foundation inspections, licensed inspectors will take level measurements using calibrated Zip level and self-leveling laser systems. They start with a level floor in a central location and work around additional vital areas. We analyze the readings to provide insights into the foundation’s sturdiness and levelness. A detailed report and a foundation repair plan can be used for permitting foundation repair are presented.

Why would you need a foundation inspection service?

In many cities, there is a need for a home foundation inspector’s report before issuing a permit for foundation repairs. Banks may require a residential foundation inspection report from a licensed foundation inspector when the owner applies for a refinance. We especially recommend having a foundation inspection in Dallas with an analysis of pier and beam or concrete slab foundations before purchasing a house. Foundation inspections in property inspections are done pre and post-foundation repair and during the work-in-progress phase.

So, when should you start searching for “foundation inspection near me”? Home foundation inspections for finished houses should be conducted when you see a crack has appeared on the floor. There are some other obvious signs that you can look out for before searching for a “licensed foundation inspector near me” –

  • Interior cracks atop the window or door frames
  • Doors or cabinets not closing correctly and fitting tightly on the frame
  • Sloping floors
  • Moisture accumulation underneath the crawl space
  • Counters or cabinets separating from the wall
  • Large cracks on the exterior walls

It is best to do home foundation inspections at least once every five years as part of regular home inspections. Even if no signs of damage are noticeable, it’s a good idea to search for “home foundation inspection near me,” which is usually offered by home inspection companies. Foundation inspection companies will inspect the following as part of their foundation inspection services:

  • The Foundation
  • Floor slabs
  • Retaining walls
  • Backfill with a drainage system
  • Structural steel

The cost of a home foundation inspection may seem like an additional expense only if there is evident damage before a sale or before taking possession from the builder. However, during a house foundation inspection, a certified foundation inspector will:

  • Ask you questions about any apparent signs of foundation problems
  • Perform a floor elevation survey
  • Conduct a visual inspection of the interior and exterior of the structure, looking for signs of damage like cracks, separations, etc.
  • Provide conclusions, recommendations, and a final foundation inspection report.

Contact us today to book your house foundation inspection.

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