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RSH Engineering can extensively assess commercial properties such as churches, hotels, motels, condominiums, and offices that you may be considering for investment or outright purchase. By conducting a thorough investigation of the property, we equip you with information that will be useful in obtaining just compensation for any necessary repairs.

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Commercial structures necessitate routine inspections that are part of the Equity Property Condition Report. Nevertheless, if you search for “commercial building inspection services” or “commercial property inspectors near me” online, you will not find an all-inclusive list of options. RSH Engineeringis among the top five companies providing commercial property inspections. Over the past forty years in business, we have completed hundreds of inspections for various clients, including churches, hotels, motels, condominiums, offices, and shopping malls in and around Texas.

As a commercial building inspector, we conduct a comprehensive property examination that covers multiple areas, including:

  • Structural integrity
  • Roofing
  • HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and cooling)
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical


Our commercial inspection report provides comprehensive information on the condition of your property, including whether your roof needs repairs or replacement, the expected lifespan of your current requirements, whether your HVAC system requires repair or replacement, any faulty wiring or electrical components that you need to replace, and the functionality of your pipes and fixtures. We also conduct commercial energy audits to identify the wastage areas of energy. And provide services to help you implement green appliances and plumbing systems.

We recommend scheduling an annual inspection with our experienced commercial inspector to ensure your property’s ongoing safety and efficiency. Before undertaking any significant repair work, it is also essential to have a commercial inspector evaluate the property. During the examination, there are four key areas that our commercial real estate inspector will check:

  • Building Systems: Our inspector will thoroughly examine the Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, and HVAC systems to ensure they are in good condition and functioning correctly.
  • Building Exterior: We will evaluate the condition of the parking lot, outside façade, gates, boundary walls, roof, and landscape to ensure they are in good condition and free of hazards.
  • Interiors: Our inspector will ensure that local building codes are being met and identify any safety or hazard risks in areas such as walls, floors, bathrooms, kitchen spaces, offices, elevators, escalators, and other common areas.
  • Building Documentation: We will review all relevant regulatory standards to ensure no illegal structures or renovations. This will include a review of appraisals, building plans, citations, and certificates of occupancy, construction permits, evacuation plans, environmental studies, fire safety system records, floor plans, maintenance records, and surveys.


The purpose of the inspection determines the cost of a commercial property inspection. We have fix price based on your chosen package if it’s a routine commercial inspection. The cost of a commercial building inspection also depends on the building’s nature, age, and size. The cost also varies depending on the commercial inspection company and its services.

When searching for “commercial real estate inspectors near me,” the size of the commercial inspection company isn’t essential. Instead, please focus on the services they offer. For routine commercial inspections in Dallas, you may not need much equipment or a large number of technicians. Look for a “commercial building inspector near me” who understands the requirements for commercial inspections in Texas.

If you’re considering a commercial property seriously, search for “commercial inspection near me” to understand the structural and regulatory needs. This will help you determine the type of service you may require from a commercial home inspection company. We conduct commercial home inspections for real estate companies, independent sellers, and buyers. Our commercial building inspection services are well-regarded because we have extensive experience, the latest technology, and expert technicians. Being known as the “best” doesn’t mean our commercial inspection cost will be higher. Instead, we offer efficient service, comprehensive and transparent reports, cost-effective solutions, and practical advice on the way forward.

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Commercial Inspections
Commercial Inspections
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