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The foundation of the house carries the weight of the house, and its good health will ensure longevity of the house. Hence, it is essential to conduct periodic house foundation inspection. Homeowners can personally check for tell-tale signs that could cause foundation damage, but it is essential to have at least one annual check done by a licensed home foundation inspector, nt just for one’s peace of mind but also for regulatory and insurance purposes. We bring 4 things to check during a foundation inspection.

1. Poor drainage, mold or moisture

Foundation damage can be caused due to a host of factors which would include swollen soil, poor construction sites or overloading. These are structural damages, besides which there can be a host of on-structural damages caused by minor soil shifting, tree roots or hydrostatic pressure. Hence, it is advisable to conduct periodic home foundation inspections. Common causes for moisture damage found during foundation inspection Texas are through extreme changes in water composition of the surrounding soil or water stagnation due to poor drainage.

2. Floors, Doors, and windows

This is a preliminary h residential foundation inspection one can conduct themselves before calling in foundation inspection service. If you notice signs of sagging, bowing or cracks on the floor, or when you place a ball on the floor and it rolls one way due to sloping on the floor, these are signs of foundation damage. It would eb advisable at this stage to call in a licensed foundation inspector for their professional opinion. They in turn will check other signs that are perceptible on doors and windows such as –

  • Drywall cracks on windows and doors corners
  • Wall and floor gaps
  • Gaps between frame and window or door
  • Hard to open doors or windows

3. Cracks and Fissures

Cracks and fissures are visible forms of damage to the foundation. In Texas, they usually occur due to the clay soil beneath the house expands and contracts. Not all cracks are a serious sign of damage, however, it is wiser to bear the foundation inspection cost rather than bear the uncertainty of deeper problems. Some indications of serious problems can be –

  • Cracks in one edge juts out from the wall or floor
  • Cracks are wider at the bottom or top
  • Horizontal cracks on foundation walls
  • Zigzag cracks
  • Vertical cracks on interior or exterior walls

4. Home exterior

A certified foundation inspector will also check outside the house for signs of shifting in patios and chimneys, or gaps occurring near the walls. They will check that there are no signs of drainage clogs or tree roots damaging the house foundation. When they spot signs of damage, they will take level measurements using calibrated Zip Level and Self-levelling laser level to formulate a foundation repair plan.

If you see any or most of these signs of damage, it is better to check for foundation inspection near me, as the local service provider will understand the local conditions better and give an accurate prognosis. For instance, if you are from Dallas, search for foundation inspection Dallas to find experience inspectors in your city.

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