Once the flood water recedes, the property can be damaged so deeply that much of the problems may not even be apparent. Depending on the length of the flood, the water can enter the pores of the wall and create deep structural damage. Even a short flood spell can affect the house and it is important to call for urgent water damage restoration services. These are specialized services for removing water from the home and restoring it to livable conditions. It is important to attend to it urgently because stagnant water can cause serious health hazards by becoming a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and pathogens that can cause severe respiratory illnesses.

Flood Water Cleanup

Removing flood water can be challenging and may require heavy-duty machinery for some areas. Many porous materials in the house absorb moisture quickly. Water also seeps quickly into the drywall and affects the structural integrity of the building. Professional flood water cleaners will control the seepage of the stagnant water with alacrity through a rapid action plan. This will involve simple vacuuming and drying to identify areas for reconstruction.

When called for, the first response for flood water damage control will be to mitigate water damage by removing the furniture, carpets, and other movable parts of the house from further being soaked in the water. Next, water damage restoration is performed by repairing or replacing materials that are affected.

Water damage repair process after a flood

In the first step, a certified home inspector will step in and assess the areas of damage, cost of repair or replacement, and homeowners insurance for raising a claim. Once this is done, the next step is to identify and remove all water and contaminants from the house using high-powered pumps and vacuums. During this process, they will also identify whether carpeting or hardwood floors will have to be removed. After this, a detailed drying and dehumidification process is conducted. This is done with industrial-quality air movers and dehumidifiers that can access hard-to-reach spaces. Throughout this process, the moisture levels in the walls and floors are monitored to ensure that the affected areas are thoroughly dried. Thereafter, cleaning and sanitizing are done and finally, the repair and restoration work is done. During the repair and restoration phase, depending on the extent of damage parts of the house may be completely replaced or minor repairs may be done.

What can you do before calling in the professionals?

As soon as there is a flood alert, try to remove as much of the carpeting and furnishing to higher ground as you can. Even before ringing in the professionals, the first thing for homeowners to do is to mop up as much excess water as they possibly can as soon as the floodwater receded. Inspect the basement to see how much of it is submerged and try to clear out the debris that floats in with the floodwater.

Complete restoration can take anywhere between 72 hours to two weeks depending on the extent of the damage. So, to minimize inconveniences be alert reducing the amount of damage during the floods.

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