Want to be ready for or protect yourself from expensive repairs of “big ticket items” but don’t need a complete home inspection? If so, walk-and-talk services are the best option for you. One hour of a property inspection is dedicated to a walk-and-talk with inspection specialists. The professional can cover any areas of concern you have during this check. The inspector can examine any sections or components you like during the allotted hour. However, it is advised that more pricey items like the HVAC system, roof, electrical system, or foundation be checked out using this service.

Some buyers are forgoing the house inspection in the current competitive market to compete with numerous bids on a property. With a Walk & Talk, you can make an informed decision about your purchase without having to conduct a thorough inspection and be ready for any high costs you could encounter. Before advertising their home or the buyer’s home inspection, sellers may want to find out if they have any significant unforeseen problems with the roof, HVAC, or other house parts. This is where a Walk and Talk with engineering experts can be helpful.

Advantages of a walk-and-talk evaluation

Are you lacking the time for a thorough home inspection? To discuss any significant issues, schedule a one-hour meeting with one of our qualified inspectors. Or, if you’re in a bid competition, think about running this fast check for any potential deal-breakers. Always remember that Walk & Talk with inspection experts are a time- and money-saving alternative to complete home inspections. A buyer or a homeowner getting ready to advertise their house can quickly grasp a home with the help of this overview! There is no written report provided with these evaluations.

What are the benefits of scheduling a walk-and-talk consultation?

Although we always advocate a house inspection, buyers increasingly make offers that do not include stipulations due to the extreme seller’s market. This does not imply that purchasers should make one of their most significant purchases without first researching the property’s state. Buyers should think about scheduling a Walk & Talk with inspection experts instead. By highlighting the repairs and pointing out areas that need further inspection, this consultation can assist the buyer in gaining a proper understanding of the house’s condition.

The difference between a house inspection and a walk and talk consultation

We’ll go over a few key differences between a home inspection and a walk-and-talk consultation in this section. So let’s just get started!


On Walk & Talk Consultation, your inspector will undoubtedly travel more lightly. In actuality, all they’ll have on them is a flashlight! That means NO screwdrivers (the inspector won’t be opening covers on HVAC systems and electric panels), NO ladders (the inspector won’t be climbing into attics or on roofs), and NO cameras (there won’t be any photos taken and no report). Soon, more on that. Again, a flashlight is the only item utilized during one of these consultations, so these are just a few instances of what won’t be used.


For us, a typical house inspection takes about 3 hours (this obviously can vary quite a bit depending on the property). However, there is no set amount of time. However, having a Walk & Talk with inspection experts will be an hour at maximum. This indicates that these consultations will be much less in-depth than a home inspection due to necessity and design. The home inspector will visit and examine each area of the house in the sequence that best suits them.

While the Walk & Talk Consultation is only a cursory inspection, it is only possible for the inspector to discuss readily visible things when walking about the property. This is the fundamental justification for why we strongly advise a later comprehensive home inspection if the seller accepts the client’s offer. After the article, we’ll revisit this. For most properties, an hour is adequate for a consultation. If more time is required, however, additional costs will be charged.


During the consultation, your inspector will not be carrying or utilizing a camera, and you, the client, will not receive any form of a report (this would cause the consultation to resemble too closely a home inspection, as discussed above). Your responsibility will be to pay attention and make thorough notes. Hence, the “Walk & Talk” in the service’s name.

Standard of Practice:

Another significant distinction is that a consultation does not adhere to any SOPs or Standards of Practice because it is not an inspection. Our home inspections and reports at RSH Engineering adhere to ASHI’s (American Society of Home Inspectors) Standards of Practice. SOPs are in place to ensure professional reviews adhere to the fundamental standards required to be deemed professional reviews!

Consultations cannot and must not be conducted in such a way as merely a formalized version of a home inspection. This is why consultation is an excellent alternative for individuals unable to inspect because it differs from an inspection in nature and character.

Size and Price

The specific home and the buyer’s preferences will determine the extent and expense of a Walk and Talk with engineering experts. The time limit will determine the review’s extent and coverage, and the house size also matters. The consultation will be less expensive than a house inspection because of the time restrictions. Before seeing the house, the buyer and the consultant can agree expressly on the buyer’s priorities. This aids in establishing the precise scope. The consultant will give a quote once the scope has been selected. Both clauses should be included clearly in a written agreement to ensure everyone is on the same page.

How to Prepare

No written report is produced by the Walk & Talk with inspection experts, and no photos are collected throughout the evaluation. During the consultation, information is exchanged, and there is a quick summary at the end. If you can’t make the Walk and Talk with engineering experts, work with your realtor to plan a backup plan that includes, but isn’t limited to, FaceTime calls or other video chat activities to fill the duration of the review. Contact our industry experts right away!

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