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Hailstones pounding on the roof and walls of the house is obviously not a good sign and the first thing to do after the storm passes is to conduct a thorough hailstorm damage inspection. While there are a few obvious signs that one can look out for such as damaged shingles, there are many damages that get masked or may be caused due to other problems and may not be hail damage at all. A cursory hail damage roof inspection can be conducted by one through examining the roof for tell-tale signs of –  

· dents and bruises on gutters; downspouts; or gutters,

· checking the attic for signs of leakage

· damages to sidings or windowsills and casings

· damage to roof vents and shingles

· damage to chimney covers

In cases where one feels there is a need for major repair or replacement, it is better to first get a certified home inspector to step and examine the roof and various parts of the house to ascertain that your home is certified for hail damage claim.

Roof Maintenance

Hailstones damage the roof; it is inevitable especially where the hailstones are the size of golf balls and rain down on the roof with their jagged edges. However, the extent of damage can be minimized through regular maintenance of the roof such as having the shingles repaired or replaced, ensuring there is no debris accumulation in the different parts of the roof, the gutters aren’t blocked, and the branches of the trees are trimmed among other things. Ensuring a well-maintained roof will not only minimize damage, but it will also enable a smoother hail damage insurance claim filing process.

Services of a certified roof inspector

It is generally a wise decision to get a professional hail roof damage inspection done right after the hailstorm passes. Putting it off could lead to bigger damages caused due to a variety of reasons such as –

· The hail can damage the protective granule coating atop the asphalt shingle and that could damage the protective layer underneath to elements and cause leaks, mold, electrical issues, wall damage and much more.

· Hail damage metal roof inspection have often uncovered extensive damage where entire roofs or sections of roof had to be replaced to curb further damages.

There will be some signs of damage such as spatter marks on the roof, especially on metal roof, but these usually do not qualify for claimable damages. They will even guide you in understanding what aspects of the roof damage will be covered in the homeowner’s insurance. A certified roof inspector will guide you with understanding what type of damages will be covered in claim and help with the entire process of documenting the damages as per the insurance company criterions and help with the actual claims process. They will document photographic and video evidence along with detailed description of the roof damage and areas where repairs or replacements are urgently required. Most insurance companies have a time limit within which the insurance claims must be filed, to avoid additional damage among other issues.

Insurance adjusters require the opinion of a professional roofing contractor and hence before consenting work on repair damage they require the homeowner to get a professional roof hail damage inspection to be done.

Whom to call for professional roof inspection?

Professional roof inspectors with proper certification are recognized by insurance companies and their reports are accepted for insurance claim processing. Other than the necessity of professional roof inspection for insurance claims, it is also better to have a certified roof inspector to do a thorough roof hail damage inspection to ascertain there are no damages that were hidden from the naked eye and discernible only to the expert. Having seen countless roof and structural damages, roof inspectors can spot an anomaly faster than a novice and give a cost-effective and time-efficient resolution.

Even if there are no tell-tale signs of damage, it is better to get the roof inspected for maintaining proof of records in case of future necessity arises for placing a home insurance claim for repairing roof damage. As responsible homeowners, for the longevity of the roof and entire building structure, it is advisable to get a hailstorm damage inspection and have a peace of mind that one’s house or office is secure.

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