One of the most expensive investments you can make is a home. As a result, safeguarding it is critical for your long-term safety. While you may be preoccupied with safeguarding the contents of your building, don’t overlook the foundation. Many building problems begin with foundation issues, so you need RSH Engineering’s foundation inspection. You won’t have to look for home inspectors near me if you work with us. Let’s look at some of the most common foundation problems we encounter.

  • Doors that don’t latch or stick: Interior doors that stick or don’t close properly, especially if they drag at the top, may indicate a foundation problem. You may also notice that one side of the door appears to be higher than the other. If you have French doors, they may not close or latch properly because they won’t meet in the middle.
  • Cracks in floor tiles: Cracking ceramic or porcelain floor tiles, like cracks in the walls, is a key early indicator of foundation issues. The uneven pressure caused by a shifting foundation causes floor tiles to crack. While a single floor tile can crack for various reasons, multiple tiles cracking indicates that your foundation should be checked by a professional.
  • The overall structure appears uneven: Take a long look at your property from the outside. You may notice that the house or the roofline is no longer straight, even if there is any linkage or settling. If the sinkage is severe enough, you’ll usually notice that one side of your home is lower than the other.
  • Windows that stick and pull away: When there are foundation issues, windows, like doors, can become stuck when you try to open or close them. Alternatively, the increased pressure from the stressed walls may cause them to shift or bulge slightly, causing them not to latch correctly. You may also notice that the window frames are beginning to pull away from the brickwork.
  • Nails poking through drywall: Nails poking through your drywall may not seem like a big deal, and it probably isn’t if it’s only a few. However, if it occurs frequently and in different areas of your home, it could indicate that your home’s foundation is shifting or under increased stress and pressure.

Hire a structural engineer to conduct a foundation inspection if you suspect you may have foundation issues or are buying a new home and have questions about the foundation inspection. They’ll either put your mind at ease or identify issues so you can address them before they escalate. RSH Engineering is the best place to start your search for a “home inspector near me.” We have a team of qualified designers who can help you complete any project.

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