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The impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is being felt worldwide and it is expected to last for years. In countries such as the United States which now has the most amount of infected in the world, the focus is on limiting or slowing its spread. Social distancing and lockdowns have become increasingly common and businesses both big and small have been asked to close for up to three weeks. Below we look at how the real estate sector and providers of home inspections are coping with the problems created by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Short and long term plans for running businesses

With no end to the Coronavirus pandemic insight, businesses should plan to handle the fallout from the virus for several months. Experts also believe that the pandemic could last until next year and, therefore, businesses in the real estate sector should plan to utilize resources and money appropriately and make sure they last. Over the short term, home inspection providers should plan to take appointments over the phone and online. Home inspections can then be done by staff in protective gear.

Preparing for downtime in businesses

There is no escaping the lockdowns which have been imposed for by several states. In some cases, the lockdowns will be in effect for anywhere between 14 to 21 days. Irrespective of the duration of the lockdown home inspection providers should prepare to deal with staff not being productive. Companies wherever possible should give staff the option to work from home. Some are opting to furlough their staff while other small businesses are opting to pay reduced salaries.

Apply for aid from the government

Governments in several countries have provided aid packages to help businesses deal with the fallout from the Coronavirus pandemic. These aid packages specifically ensure small and medium businesses are kept afloat through the pandemic. Businesses can use the aid package payments to pay the salaries of staff and ensure they do not default on loans. So businesses should check whether they qualify for the aid provided by the government by applying for it.

Adopt new ways of doing business

Additionally, providers of home inspections should plan to hold virtual inspections with the aid of cameras. In such cases, the webcam is held by the homeowner or real estate agent and the inspector can carry out the inspection virtually. Expanding your online presence and investing in new ways to deliver inspections to your clients will allow your business to remain functional and profitable for months. Importantly, with the aid of technologies and tools, you can ensure that your staff remain safe and do not contract Coronavirus when delivering inspections.

Keep track of changing government guidelines during the pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic is creating unique challenges that governments have been scrambling to deal with. With no protocols in place, governments have been creating rules and regulations on the fly and as a result these often change. So businesses have to keep up with the changes in rules and regulations and comply with them cliquez pour plus d’infos.

People are still going to need homes

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) which represents nearly 200 countries has already stated that the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic has pushed the world into recession. The recession is expected to be worse than the one in 2009 and the effects of it could last for several years. However, people are going to need homes during the recession. Importantly as prices fall people who are on the lookout for homes will snap up good deals.

As the number of people infected with Coronavirus climbs in the United States and is expected to peak in April 2020 you should already be putting in place plans for getting home inspections done. To learn how RSH Engineering can help provide home inspections during the pandemic contact us.


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