The 11-month inspection safety measures are not simple to keep the homes safe and lasting for a longer duration. This process is a critical step for homeowners and those who build new homes or purchase them. The essential safety measures allow homeowners to identify and address any damage or issues before the warranties expire.

Thus, this blog will give you essential safety measures that you can incorporate during the 11 month home inspection process when you’re selling, evaluating, or purchasing a property.

Meaning of 11-month inspection safety measures:

An 11-month inspection is a deep examination of a particular home. Typically, this inspection is held before the warranty expires. This inspection’s primary role is to identify defacements, issues, or damages that can be cured when needed. It’s a time that helps to repair or check the proper functionality of the home, whether it is safe and secure at the time of any uncertain environmental change.

Reason for evaluating 11 month inspection process:

There is no disadvantage to conducting/ evaluating the 11 month inspection process, and this process holds many advantages. The following reasons will tell you the solid reasons why 11-month inspection safety measures are important.

Detecting the home problems early: Yes, the 11 month inspection process helps you to catch the home problems early, in case there is any problem in the property, and till it turns to major problems can help you and your money from any hassle.

Claim warranty before it expires: If any issue is found during the inspection process, you can often cover it by the help of the builder’s warranty, saving you from out-of-pocket expenses and your home will also be safe.

Evaluating inspection for your mental peace: By conducting home safety evaluation will help you to get the correct condition. In the case of selling the property, showcasing the property or buying the property, knowing the accurate condition will give you a mental peace.

What safety measures should be taken for your 11-month inspection?

Diving into the type of safety measures you should take while on a period of home inspection. The following measures for home safety measures for your 11-month inspection are:

Check electrical system: To handle the electrical system department, faults in wires or any electrical issues can take the role of safety risks. During your 11-month inspection, you must ensure the following proper functioning of the electrical types of equipment:

  • Check on damaged wires, if any.
  • Proper working of all the electrical outlets.
  • Operation of the circuit breakers.
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) should be installed in areas with water exposure.

Conduct plumbing inspection: A plumbing inspection is necessary to prevent water damage and ensure that drinking water is clean. Therefore, the following outlets you should know:

  • There are no leakage or drip points in pipes, fixtures, or faucets.
  • Testing of water pressure.
  • Check the water heater for any situation of wear, leaks, or malfunction.
  • Ensure sewage and drainage systems are in their place.

Structural inspection of the property: The 11-month inspection safety measures also involve the compartment of structural integrity. To check the foundation of the home and whether it is safe for selling, buying a property, and showing the property, the structural inspection is held. Looking into the following signs and their functions:

  • Look for signs of any cracks or any shifting occurring in the property.
  • Proper inspection of walls and ceilings.
  • Examine the roof properly for any missing shingles or leaks.
  • Ensure windows and doors are doing their work accurately.

Fire Safety: Fire safety is an important aspect while installing the safety measures of the home. This property shouldn’t be overlooked or taken lightly.

  • Track on all smoke detectors. Are they working properly and have fresh batteries?
  • Installation of the carbon monoxide detectors near sleeping areas.
  • Accessing the fire extinguishers.
  • Have a plan and free escape routes with your family.

Conduct pest inspection monthly: Pests can cause heavy damage to the property and can pose health risks. What action should you take to control pests? Here’s the point:

  • Deep checking for the signs of termite damage.
  • Look for any rodents there and take the necessary action accordingly.
  • Identify any insect infestations there.

Steps for processing the 11-month inspection process:

The complete steps for conduction of the 11-month inspection safety measures are:

  • First, book a certified 11-month warranty inspection
  • Generate a checklist by covering all safety measures and areas you want to be inspected.
  • Accompany the inspector and take notes of any identified issues.
  • Carefully go through the home inspection report and prioritize necessary repairs.
  • Schedule an appointment with the builder before the warrant expires.
  • Follow and ensure all the repairs are conducted under your satisfaction and can go for complete home inspection.

Home safety evaluation in Dallas:

Many properties require a home inspection, and this is mostly conducted by certified foundation inspector. For example, they require a thorough inspection to retain their value. As per their size and complexity, these luxury homes might have huge systems and installed features that need inspection, such as:

  • Ensure all smart home features are functioning properly.
  • If the swimming pools are there, inspect them for safety and proper operation.
  • Maintain safety if a home has an elevator.
  • Check the safety hazards for extensive grounds, like landscaping, lighting, and irrigation systems.


The 11-month inspection safety measures are a valuable opportunity to save the home from any uncertain conduct of activity during the validity of the warranty. By incorporating these essential safety measures will help in getting you the drone inspection services.

The potential to repair the issues early, to maintain the integrity of your home, and have a mental peace for your home safely, the RSH Engineering & Construction have experienced and well-chargeable home inspectors, they will evaluate your property wherever you are. Don’t wait to book your appointment now.

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