Your new home is being built from the stage where a foundation will be dug, a frame will be erected, walls will be built, the roof will be installed, and you will receive a brand-new home! To ensure that the quality of work is excellent, and the contractors are following all the building codes, it is better to search and enquire for a “house inspector near me”.

What home inspectors do

Licensed home inspectors know the bye-laws and codes for construction in the region. They check if the construction quality is up to mark and the house is well maintained. They check the quality of construction, the interior and exterior parts of the house, HVAC, windows, doors, foundation, structural components, plumbing, and electrical systems, and then provide a written report.

New home inspection Dallas happens in three phases –

  1. Pre-pour inspection
  2. Pre-drywall inspection
  3. Final inspection

The aim of each phase of the inspection is different and helps save a lot of time and resources by identifying any issues at an early stage.

New home inspection phases

Phase I

Pre-pour inspection

During the pre-pour inspection, the foundation is checked within 24-48 hours before the concrete is poured into the foundation. Here, the vapor barriers, rebar, form boards, rebar elevators, and penetrations for barriers are checked. The finished grade around the foundation is checked for drainage site. If the pre-pour check is done within time, then it will give the builder sufficient time to make the required corrections without postponing the pour day.

Phase II

Pre-Drywall Inspection

The pre-drywall inspection occurs after the framing and electrical wiring are completed and the plumbing lines have been installed. This inspector is done before beginning the drywall and exterior finishes. Here, the home inspector checks the attachments to the foundation, electrical wiring, and termination, plumbing set-ups, nailing plates, and window operations. They will also check the ducts for damage and ensure that fasteners are in all holes at the joist hangers. They will check the flashings around windows and other penetrations and ensure that the exterior sheathing is sealed and water-resistant.

Phase III

Final inspection

The final inspection occurs a few days before the final walkthrough with the builder. Here the “house inspector near me” will check if the building meets the Standard of Practice outlined by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). The aim of the final inspection is to ensure that all appliances and fixtures are working, the outlets and lights are fine, the HVAC is functioning properly, and sealants are fixed wherever necessary. They will once again check the windows and doors and this time they will also inspect the roof thoroughly. The complete exterior and interior are thoroughly inspected and then the final report is presented.

A new home inspection in Dallas must preferably be conducted by someone locally who understands the rules and common problems that occur during construction in the area. They will know where to look and speed up the inspection process. A home inspection is important not only for regulatory purposes but also from a safety perspective and to keep a check on the builders.


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