Termites are the pest that damages your furniture to the billions of dollars. As a result, it’s critical to identify and protect yourself and your home against termites using effective methods and treatments. And it’s a good idea to get your home inspected regularly.

Are you one of those looking for a termite inspection near me? Read on to learn about termite inspection fees, why you should have a termite inspection, and what to check while inspecting the termites?

When we talk about the United States, we found that termites are extremely destructive, generating an estimated $5 billion in damage each year. Fortunately, taking the appropriate safeguards helps you avoid being a victim of a termite infestation. For this, you have to get your home inspected regularly. Worried about cost? Let us tell you that the termite inspection costs vary depending on the size of your home and the company providing these services, but generally it’s between $75 and $150. Now you must be worried about finding the best ‘home inspectors near me’So let us tell you RSH Engineering offers effective termite inspection services at the best prices.

Now let us discuss why there is a need for a termite inspection.


Why should you have a termite inspection?

There are numerous reasons for having a termite inspection. And in this blog, we are discussing a few of them. Have a look at them which are listed below:

  • Having a termite inspection alleviates the fear and provides the home seller a better bargaining position.
  • To receive an estimate for termite prevention and control.
  • To get a healthy and fresh environment.
  • To fulfill the terms of the termite bond or contract.
  • Having a termite inspection verifies the efficacy of a recent termite treatment method.


What to check for while inspecting for termites?

There are numerous symptoms of termites to look for depending on the species of termites prevalent in your location. Among the warning indicators are:

  • Stacks of wings: Termite swarmers shed their wings after mating and choosing a new home, leaving them scattered, sometimes in mounds. It can be a great warning indicator to inspect a termite.
  • Tubes made of mud: There are various termites like subterranean termites that require soil contact to survive, and the majority of them build their nests in the ground. So the presence of these mud tubes indicates a termite infestation. But keep this thing in your mind that the absence of these mud tubes does not rule out the possibility of termites invading your property as other species also present that can enter in different ways.
  • Paint or wall: Paint that is bubbling or fragile drywall can be a great indicator for inspecting termites.
  • Wood that has been damaged:termite-affected wood may appear crushed. Termite galleries can be exposed by probing the surface of damaged wood with a knife or screwdriver.

If you are planning a termite inspection or looking for a ‘termite inspection near me’ then we are here with RSH Engineering, one of the best companies delivering the best home inspectors near your area. Or you can also search for the best home inspectors near me to get world-class services with excellent results.

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