Did you know that termites can cause serious damage to your home? Are you aware that if not treated on time, the termite issue can grow huge and lead to a serious situation that impacts your wellbeing? If not, you should know that termite is a problem that grows with time and can become very dangerous. The only way to avoid it is to do preventive termite inspection wherein experts from a reputed company like RSH Engineering will visit your property and inspect for termites.

How to Prepare for a Termite Inspection?

Every year, homeowners across the US spend about $5 billion on termite control and damage repair for damage caused by termites. It would help if you did not let it happen to your home and get regular inspections done. Here’s how to prepare for a Termite Inspection.

  • Do Some Rearranging

The first step you need to take to prepare for a termite inspection is rearranging some stuff. For instance, you need to move anything you have stored under the sinks in the kitchen or bathroom. It is done so that the expert can check the water sources for termite activity. Similarly, if you have anything stored against the wall in the garage, you need to move it about two feet away from the wall. Also, if you have items put against the walls outside the home, you need to move them out by two feet.

  • Provide Attic Access

Another step you need to do is to remove or move anything blocking the entrance to the attic. It will allow the expert to access the attic, get into it, and then get out. Make sure that there is no debris falling on the head of the expert.

  • Remember that Crawl Space Needs to be Cleared Out

You also need to clear out the crawl space so that the expert can get into it. Clear the opening and move all the items that are blocking the entrance. Also, ensure that there is nothing stored in the crawl space that might impede the expert’s work. A crawl space is only present in homes built on a raised foundation.

  • Do Some Landscaping Activities

If the outdoor walls of your home have plants or bushes that conceal them or the foundation, you will also need to trim those so that the expert can inspect these areas properly. You don’t want stray branches or bushes bothering the expert and slowing down the termite inspection process.

Who to Trust for Termite Inspection?

You can easily trust the team of RSH Engineering to conduct a thorough termite inspection. Our termite inspection experts are true experts in the area as they have done countless inspections and provided timely advice to avoid termite damage. They are also skilled in providing the right advice regarding how to tackle the existing termite damage. You can be present during the entire termite inspection process and ask them anything you want to be assured that they know what they are doing, and you can trust them. Call now to schedule an appointment.

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