To save a few hundred bucks you may think of skipping home inspection, relying on the report given by the seller’s home inspector. However, this may not be the wisest thing to do however badly you may be wanting to purchase the house.  Home inspections reveal everything there is to know about a property and are the ultimate guide to decision-making in property investment.

Here are 5 things a home inspection will tell you about the house you wish to purchase.

1. The structural condition of the house

A home inspector will study the roof, the basement, the exteriors, the interiors, and the peripheral area such as the drainage and grounds around the house. Their report will have a detailed assessment of the structural condition of the house and how much one will have to spend on repairs if such a situation arises.

2. The condition of HVAC and appliances

The home inspection will reveal if the HVAC and other electrical appliances such as the refrigerator, washing machine, or any other large appliances will have to be replaced, their warranty status, and overall condition. These will have a lot of bearing on the home insurance costs. You can have the faulty or old appliances replaced or get the cost adjusted in the final purchase price with the seller.

3. Everything is legal and aboveboard

Over the years, especially in the case of older properties, the owner may have made structural changes to the house, made additions, or alterations. These changes may not have the proper permit, follow building codes or safety regulations. A home inspection will reveal these issues and before you purchase the house you can have the owner rectify these issues and save a lot on fines, demolitions, and renovations.

4. What will be the total future costs?

The home inspector will give the approximate age and condition of the plumbing, HVAC, other parts of the house. They will reveal the proper condition and structural health of the house and give you a proper estimate of how much repair will cost, what type of renovations can be conducted, and how they will affect the building. So, if you want to make modern installations such as a smart home system, the house inspector can tell you if the current system is supportive and how much it may cost to make changes. They can also give an estimation of how much insurance will cost.

5. Help with negotiations

The home inspector’s report is the perfect negotiation tool. The seller can do the repairs, or you can ask for cost deductions from the final price against impending costs. They will give you a proper estimation of how much repair, renovation, replacement, and insurance will cost you as the owner of the house. Thus, you know what the real price of the house will be.

A home inspection is the final green light you need to purchase a house fully understanding the implications of your purchase.



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