10 Year Structural Warranty for Your Home

When buying a property, a person should remember to seek a 10 year structural warranty for a home because it is a fact that even the most solidly built homes can have problems. When you choose a 10-year structural warranty, you will ensure that you don’t need to stress the common causes of structural defects like weather changes, shifting soil, and faulty workmanship. All of these are hard to predict and not easily identifiable.

What is a 10 Year Structural Warranty and Why You Need It?

When building a home, you shouldn’t skip a 10-year structural warranty because if you build without it, you will be responsible for all the defects which fall within the implied warranty period of a state which can be 10 or more years.

As the name suggests, a 10-year structural warranty means that the builder who is building your home will take care of all structural issues, if any. for 10 years (or the set warranty period). They will repair or replace the damaged parts and cover all the costs associated with the same. The warranty begins on the day of the closing.

What is Included in a 10 Year Structural Warranty?

Usually, a 10-Year Structural Warranty includes the following components of your home:

  • Beams, girders, and headers
  • Roof framing systems
  • Walls and partitions
  • Floor Framing Systems
  • Foundation systems and footings
  • Lintels (other than those which support veneers)
  • Columns (except columns that are designed for cosmetic use)
  • Masonry Arches (except columns which are designed for cosmetic use)

Why Every Home Buyer Needs a 10-Year Structural Warranty?

It would help if you had a 10-Year Structural Warranty because many parts in the US have soil that expands with seasonal changes, and it can impact even the sturdiest of structures. Data says that about 25% of all buildings in the US experience structural damages within the first 10 years of their life. About 10% of those are major, costly, and not reversible.

The builder’s reputation doesn’t matter because even the biggest builders who build quality buildings cannot guarantee that there won’t be any structural issues. Most big builders will even be willing to offer a 10-Year Structural Warranty without asking.

What’s the Cost of 10 Year Structural Warranty?

The costs of 10-Year Structural Warranty differ from year to year. Usually, the cost of this warranty is not more than 1% of the cost of the home. As a median example, a structural warranty might cost anywhere between $500 to $1500 for ten years if the cost of structural damage could be $50,000 and $100,000. The structural warranty costs around 1% of the estimated repair budget in many cases.

Who to Trust to Review the 10-Year Structural Warranty?

If you have decided to choose a 10-Year Structural Warranty, you need an expert engineer to review the warranty. They will look over everything important like covered components, exclusions, responsibilities as a homeowner, etc. They will tell you if something is missing or something needs to be added.

We at RSH Engineering offer the best 10 Year Structural Warranty Review Services as we always have your best interest in mind. We want what’s best for you, and we are 100% honest with our feedback. All our reports are 100% accurate, precise, and full of factual information and data. Connect now to know more.


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5 Amazing Benefits Of A Home Inspection Before Even Buying It

Planning to purchase a home- go ahead, but what if there would be damages hidden inside?- Instead of regretting later- plan for your home inspection before actually buying it. Many experienced and trained home inspectors are there to ensure a safe and secure home purchase by revealing all the flaws the particular property has.

Do you hesitate while paying those home inspection charges before buying it?- Instead, think about getting even the minor details so that you are completely safe and secure once you buy the property. You can even check home inspection cost online if paying extra charges is causing you worries.

If you are still not convinced how important home inspection service is, have a look at these benefits now:

  1. Revealing the hidden damages- The professional home inspection companies ensure to check every corner of the home to reveal even the tiniest damage in the property. They cover both the inside and the outside area of the property in their inspection and uncover all hidden and directly visible damages in the property.
  2. Uncovering pest infestations- The professional home inspection also reveals all the pest- infestations in the home. The overall health of the buyer’s family will be at stake if he gets to know about pest infestations like those of termites in the home after shifting. So it is damn advisable to check home inspection cost online and get your home inspection done before finalizing the deal.
  3. Planning the future repairs- Based on the presence of hidden damages and pest- infestations in the home- the interested person can contact the best real time consultancy services in Dallas and ask about future repairs and their costs. If not known before- the damages and pest- infestations would seriously shock him after shifting.
  4. Negotiations in the purchase price- Once known for all the damages and pest- infestations in the property, the want- to- be- owner can easily negotiate on the final purchase amount of the home. Based on future repair expenses and pest- control costs- he can easily ask his seller to decrease the final purchase amount.
  5. Full future security- Getting impressed by any property and purchasing it without proper inspection leads to irreversible future regrets. No matter how impressed you are with your desired- home or how early you need to shift to your new home- ensure to contact the best real time consultancy services in Dallas to get a complete home inspection done there. Doing so would give you a safe and fully secured property, thereby ensuring no future regrets later.

Wrapping up 

Buying a home is like a dream come true for everyone. But what if that dream starts to scare you after shifting into that home?- Any property can have a large number of hidden damages and pest- infestations in it. Instead of saving a small amount of money and thinking that you can uncover all destructions in that property- get a professional home inspection done. Because in case of serious issues, you would be left with the only option of regretting afterward

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